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​How much do you know about front and rear bumper?

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With the development of the times, people pay more and more attention to car safety. Therefore, the front and rear bumpers of the car have become something that people will notice when buying a new car. The high-quality front and rear bumpers protect the car as well as the owner. Advances in technology have also brought new developments to the front and rear bumpers of the car. Let’s take a look at the current status of the front and rear bumpers.


What are the repair method of front and rear bumper scratching?

Do we need to add a front and rear bumper to our new car?

What are the meaning of car front and rear bumper?


What are the repair method of front and rear bumper scratching?

1. Toothpaste

When the current front and rear bumper is scratched, it is very effective to use toothpaste to repair, because the toothpaste itself has a grinding function, which is equivalent to putting a layer of wax on your car, which has a good repair effect. However, toothpaste can only be used to repair minor marks, if it is relatively deep, it will not have much effect.

2. Touch-up pen

Using a touch-up pen can cover up some of the smaller and lighter scratches, making the impression less obvious. Although there is still a certain gap with the original paint (there is a color difference), and the durability is not comparable to the original paint, after all, the touch-up pen is only a partial touch-up, but the overall effect is relatively good.

But it should be noted that the above-mentioned method can only be used for some slight scratches. If the plastic front and rear bumper are severely scratched, you need to go to the auto repair shop for painting and repair.

 front and rear bumper

Do we need to add a front and rear bumper to our new car?

1. Many SUVs are not carried at factory shipment but secure some space for later installation of front and rear bumper. There is also a simplified version (Deluxe Version) model, but owners can install front and rear bumper.

2. Some types of SUVs have a large effect of adding front and rear bumpers. This front and rear bumper is not only a "decorative effect" or "cushioning performance", but is also another layer of "protection" against the safety performance of the same level model.


What are the meaning of car front and rear bumper?

Car front and rear bumpers placed in most areas before and after the car are designed on the surface to avoid the impact of external damage to the vehicle's safety system. The front and the rear bumper can reduce drivers' and occupants' injuries during high-speed collisions. More and more front and rear bumpers are now designed for pedestrian protection.

When the vehicle collides, the front and rear bumper can absorb energy and reduce the impact. The bumper was originally made of steel but gradually changed into light metal material such as plastic. In addition to front and rear bumpers, container trucks and off-road vehicles are equipped with double protective devices for the head and tail to prevent collision damage.


All in all, almost every new car must be equipped with front and rear bumpers. The quality of the front and rear bumpers also affects their effectiveness. WEIBO Auto Accessories Co., Ltd. has committed to providing the increasing of front and rear bumpers, and make them more effective, reliable, and consistent.

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