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Why do we need an iron steel side bar?

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The iron steel side bar has a certain turbulence effect at high speeds, which can reduce air resistance. But it is not great for driving on general city roads. The main sports cars are generally installed, and some other cars can be optional. However, as everyone’s safety awareness increases, more and more people choose to install iron steel side bars.

iron steel side bar

What is the meaning of the oval side bars?

What is the function of the iron steel side bar of the car?

What should I do if the iron steel side bars of the car fall off?

What is the meaning of the oval side bars?

The oval sidebar is stylish, strong and customized, which is a powerful extension of your truck. They are made of Solid 4 "Made of oval tube with unique hybrid end cap to fit the body contour. The pedal pad is raised and has a non slip surface, which can provide safe and comfortable access. The oval has two different finish options for full customization: polished stainless steel and black powder coated carbon steel. Each pair is manufactured for drilling free, vehicle specific applications and is equipped with all hardware required for a complete installation.

What is the function of the iron steel side bar of the car?

The car iron steel side bar essentially means stepping on the pedal. The earliest car iron steel side bars were mostly used on off-road vehicles. The reason is that the chassis of exotic off-road vehicles has been changed higher and higher. It is designed to facilitate getting on and off the vehicle. In addition, ordinary families use off-road vehicles, and many will prepare on-board luggage, so based on practical considerations. Install side pedals to facilitate the loading and unloading of the car trunk.

What should I do if the iron steel side bars of the car fall off?

1. First, determine what the material of the side skirt is made of, whether it is plastic, iron, or other materials.

2. If it is iron metal, there is usually a granular coating on the top layer. In this case, the only way to go to the repair shop is to do the sheet metal painting.

3. If it is a plastic material, if it is not very powerful, use a small hammer to wrap the towel and tap it carefully to restore its shape. Plastic materials all have a certain shrinkage property.

4. If the plastic material is damaged greatly iron steel side bar must be repaired by a special car repairer and then painted to restore the appearance.

5. If it is made of aluminum alloy, generally iron steel side bar cannot be repaired and must be replaced. If it is not obvious, then forget it.

6. Generally speaking, if the iron steel side bars are recessed, they must be remade, repainted, or replaced with new ones to be as beautiful as new.

As mentioned above, the iron steel side bar is very important to our safety, but we also need to pay attention to some things in the process of using it to extend its service life. WEIBO is located in Foshan City Guangdong Province China was founded in2015. They are a professional manufacturer specialized in designing, producing, and marketing automotive exterior decoration parts. They are fully capable of providing the highest quality iron steel side bar.

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