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​How to use an iron steel side bar?

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The iron steel side bar refers to the skirt installed on both sides of the car body. When the car is running at high speed, it can reduce the air resistance, and its effect is also equivalent to the air dam, which is used to reduce the air flow on both sides of the car body into the bottom of the car steel side bar has a certain disturbing effect, which can significantly reduce the air resistance under certain conditions.

What is a car iron steel side bar?

What is the actual function of the iron steel side bars?

How do car iron steel side bars prevent rust?

What is a car iron steel side bar?

1. Decorative function: iron steel side bar enhances the appearance and texture of the whole vehicle, and enhances the experience of driving and occupants.

2. Protect the car body: protect the door sills that are easily scratched when getting on and off the car, effectively protecting the car body.

3. Convenient to get on and off the bus: iron steel side bar is convenient for children, the elderly, and women to get on and off the bus.

4. Intelligent warning: When the driving needs to change lanes and turn, the corresponding side of the  iron steel side bar will be synchronized with the intelligent light warning to warn the vehicle behind the side to improve driving safety.

5. Welcome and send guests: when the door is opened and closed, the intelligent light will be on, which is convenient for passengers to get on and off the bus at night, and  iron steel side bar also gives people a sense of guest supremacy.

6. Satisfy the individual needs of car owners:  iron steel side bar is colorful and cool streamers, bringing a unique driving experience to car owners.

iron steel side bar

What is the actual function of the iron steel side bars?

The iron steel side bars are part of the body spoiler kit, and aesthetics is second. If installed properly, it can reduce the reverse airflow generated by the vehicle.

At high speed, it is like the ground is sucking the chassis, which greatly increases the operational stability. It must be used in conjunction with the front and rear iron steel side bars, and modification is necessary.

The turbulence makes the wind resistance generated when the car is running at high speed smoothly pass through the bottom of the car, and iron steel side bar will not cause drift when the car is running.

Some high-end cars have the function of iron steel side bar actively correcting the route when driving at high speed. If you are driving at a high speed, if you keep driving in a stable direction, the computer will record it. If the driving direction shifts due to airflow, the computer will Automatically correct the direction.

How do car iron steel side bars prevent rust?

The reason for the rust is not on the outside but the inside. There is no paint on the inside of the iron steel side bars. The best way is to fill the iron steel side bars with paint when the car is new, and then let it go. After the paint is dry, fill it again. This can solve the problem, and the bottom beam is the same.

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