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What is the significance of iron steel side bars?

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The emergence of iron steel side bar To reduce the lift generated by cars at high speeds, car designers have not only improved the appearance of cars, but they have also tilted the whole body forward and down to generate downward pressure on the front wheels.

What should I do if the iron steel side bar is recessed?

Can the car be equipped with an iron steel side bar?

What is the function of iron steel side bars?

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What should I do if the iron steel side bar is recessed?

The iron steel side bar depression is also easier to deal with, and you can use some special drawing tools to pull it out. The depression of the iron steel side bar can be pulled out by pulling the meson. If it can't be pulled out, you can also cut off the new corner material for welding.

The iron steel side bar of a car is a place that is more likely to be scratched and damaged when driving, especially for models with a low chassis. Automobile iron steel side bars generally use aluminum plates, which are also more convenient to repair. As long as they are not particularly bad, such as dents, paint peeling, scratches, and rust, they can be repaired on the original iron steel side bar without replacing it.

Can the car be equipped with an iron steel side bar?

Whether to allow the installation of iron steel side bars is mainly based on the style. According to the vehicle management and traffic regulations, the iron steel side bar modification that changes the obvious characteristics of the vehicle cannot be applied.

Specific features such as changes, grid style, headlight style, front and rear car logo styles, etc. are included. If the enclosed style is far from the original car and the vehicle information cannot be identified, it is an illegal modification and cannot be applied for And filing. Therefore, whether the installation of the iron steel side bar affects the actual situation depends on the actual situation.

What is the function of iron steel side bars?

The iron steel side bars act as gas DAMS to reduce the flow of air into the underside of the car. It has a certain disturbance effect and can significantly reduce air resistance under certain conditions.

iron steel side bars are part of the body spoiler kit, followed by aesthetics. If properly installed, it can reduce the adverse airflow generated during vehicle driving. At high speed, it is like the earth suction chassis, greatly increasing the stability of operation. Should be used in conjunction with the front and rear spoiler skirts as necessary for modification.

Turbulence makes the wind resistance generated when the vehicle is traveling at high speed cross the bottom of the vehicle smoothly without causing the drift of the vehicle.

In short, the important role of iron steel side bar is self-evident, and its demand is also increasing. More and more people choose to install iron steel side bars in family cars. WEIBO Auto Accessories Co., Ltd., which has been established for over ten years, focuses on the production of iron steel side bars. Here, you can find the iron steel side bars you need.

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